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Palm Oasis

Dreamlike relaxation paradise

Access from the age of 16 & infants up to 3 years (free) - no age restriction on family days.

The PALM OASIS and its Blue Lagoon are surrounded by uncountable palm trees and orchids: a rest-haven at the heart of the Black Forest. Tank up new power and energy in five Mineral Pools and in the steam bath "Black Forest Mist".


Family Days

Watch out all Family-Paradisiacs: Every saturday and sunday is family day in our PALM OASIS and our recreational paradise invites everybody without age restriction to a soothing family time-out under real palm trees.

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Opening hours
from 16 years or up to and including 3 years, except for family days
09:00 - 22:00 o'clock
09:00 - 22:00 o'clock
Aqua fitness

active and wellness program

Gently activate your muscles during your stay in our palm oasis - energizing aqua fitness sessions take place three times a day in the "Blue Lagoon". You can also enjoy nourishing beauty treatments in our "Black Forest Mist" steam bath.

Discover our active and pampering program both online and on our screens on site.

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Blue Lagoon

Deep relaxation and fruity cocktails in turquoise water. The lagoon and its palm tree ocean let holiday dreams come true!

Massage-Lounge “Pure Balance”

Perfect wellness. Experience marvellous moments in one of the three individual themed and air-conditioned massage rooms.

Rest haven

Get some new energy with stimulating massages and tank up some sun in the warm infrared lights.

Wells of Health

Zinc-selenium, lithium-calcium and Dead Sea salt. With the most essential minerals of the world, each bath turns into a real rest cure.

Restaurant & Pool-bar

Delicacies of the bar

Fruity cocktails and sweet-sour long drinks will be the icing on the cake of your paradise-visit. Have a good time at the pool-bar.

Exotic & regional

Hearty soups, Mediterranean pasta, crunchy salads and juicy meat. The choice is limitless, the taste is exceptionnal.

"About the relaxation paradise"

Dive in turquoise water and enjoy a green palm trees ocean. The PALM OASIS is a limitless relaxation paradise and proposes quality moments of rest. Enjoy fruity cocktails at the pool-bar and the soft massage of numerous water jet lounges. In the outside pool, a breathtaking view over the Black Forest skyline and the great natural lake awaits you. A place to get rid of the troubles of your daily routine, and to let your holiday dreams come true.
Tank up new energy and regenerate in the wonderful "mineral-pools" of the WELLS OF HEALTH. The most essential minerals of the world provide unimagined power to the body and are a real balm for the soul.