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Palais Vital

Textile-free water worlds

Feel free, immerge yourself and let go. Experience exclusive water-wellness in the 300 m² "Vital Lagoon". In six Mineral Pools, the beneficial soothing effects of the most precious minerals of the world await you, while the soft effervescence of the Champagne Pool relaxes you deeply.



Lithium-Calcium pool, approx. 36°C

Strengthens not only your soul, but also you bones and connective tissue. Sensitive skins will also love this effective mineral mix.

Mineral pool, approx. 36°C

Like a beauty treatment at the Mediterranean Sea. Feel the gentle tingling and the positive effects of finest mineral-salts on skin and body in the healing water with 4% salt rate.

Zinc-selenium pool, approx. 36°C

The mineral combination of zinc and selenium is an actual wonder weapon. It stimulates muscle construction and healing, as well as thyroid hormones secretion.

Flotation pool, approx. 36°C

Float just above the palm-canopy with 18% salt rate. Dead Sea salt reinforces the immune system and boosts your health if you suffer from rheumatic diseases and circulatory disorders.

Vital Lagoon, approx. 34°C

300 m² bathing fun with exclusive indoor/outdoor pool-bar. Enjoy fruity and refreshing cocktails and the cosy warm water of the "Vital Lagoon". In the outdoor pool, enjoy a breathtaking view of the green spruce peaks of the Black Forest as well as a perfect well-being feeling. Numerous water-jet lounges await you both in the indoor and outdoor pool for exceptionnal wellness moments.

Champagne pool, approx. 33°C

Effervescent water rubs the stress out of you body. In the middle of orchids, the bubbles of the whirlpool invite you to take a little break under the palm trees between two sauna sessions. The Champagne Pool will activate your senses and offers calm and rest.

Crystal Shower

Cool down in the splashing rain of the "Crystal Shower" and enjoy a soothing back massage at the same time. The blue lighting effect provides an additional freshness kick.

Immersion pool

In our two immersion pool, clear and cold water will refresh you from top to toe. Immerse yourself, cool down and breathe in the fresh air of the Black Forest !

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