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Palm Oasis

Indoor & outdoor pool-bar

Cocktails in extraordinary atmosphere. Enjoy ice-cold drinks in 33° warm water, either in the middle of a tropical palm tree ocean or outside with fresh Black Forests air.


Drink variety

The choice is limitless. Besides exotic cocktails, taste delicious long drinks, tangy beer, sparkling wine, fruity juices and sweet lemonades.

Cocktail menu

Special tip: "Prince"

The perfect cocktail for cold evenings. Besides the warm water, our "Prince" provides some extra heat.. An exotic combination of creamy and fruity tastes with a shot of tequila.

• 3 cl Tequila
• 3 cl Liqueur 43
• 12 cl passion fruit juice
• 1 dash of coconut syrup
• 5 cl cream

The preparation is really easy and will surely be a success. Fill the cocktail shaker to the half with ice cubes. Pour all other ingredients over them, and mix the whole for about 20 seconds. Serve and enjoy!