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For the first time in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD?

For a relaxed stay under the palm trees, you will find here some tips for your visit.

Good equipment: Do not forget to take enough bathing towels with you - especially for sauna session, these should be big enough. If you come spontaneously or if your bag is too small, you can rent towels and bathrobes for a small fee and by leaving a deposit. Also take with you all cosmetic products necessary for the shower and afer. We also advise you to bring clean bathing shoes or flip-flops.

Arrive & feel well: The parking spaces are at the disposal of our guests for a reduced parking fee of only €2. At check-in, every visitor from 4 years receives a practical chip-wristband. With this, you can open and close you locker. The chip-wristband also allows cashless paying in the whole complex. Catering-services, massages, solarium as well as passovers to other areas will be recorded on the round chip of your locker key. You can then pay for those services with cash or credit card at the exit.

Simple & practical: Your chip-wristband will lead you directly to your personal locker. The bracelets are colour-coded to match the locker rooms. The areas red, blue and orange are the locker rooms of the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. The locker rooms for the PALM OASIS are marked in yellow and green. The locker rooms of the PALAIS VITAL have a black colour-code. The colour of the key-wristband matches the corresponding locker room area. The key number corresponds to the locker room number.

Secure your valuables: For jewels and big amounts of money, our safety-lockers are at your disposal in the lobby (deposit 1 EUR). Please always wear the key on your wrist to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Loss will only cost nerves, time and 45 EUR! Please keep your admission receipt and remember your locker number in case of loss.

Access by car:

  • A5 Karlsruhe – Basel: exit Freiburg Mitte, then take the national road B31 in direction Donaueschingen – exit Neustadt West
  • A81 Singen – Stuttgart: exit Geisingen, then take the national road B31 in direction Freiburg – exit Neustadt West
  • A81 Stuttgart – Singen: Motorway interchange Bad Dürrheim, via the A864 and the B27 / 33 on the B31 in direction Freiburg – exit Neustadt West

You can use following address for your GPS:
Am Badeparadies 1 or Neustädterstraße 49
79822 Titisee-Neustadt - Germany

Access by public transport:

  • Access by bus: use the bus line 7257 of the Region-Verkehrsbund Freiburg. There is a bus stop directly in front of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD: "Titisee Badeparadies Schwarzwald". The timetable is available here.
  • With FlixBus: Auch FlixBus also serves the bus stop "Titisee Badeparadies Schwarzwald" an. More information concerning routes and timetables available here.
  • Access by train: The IC and ICE network of the Deutsche Bahn allows you to reach Freiburg. From here, you have a train connection with the Höllentalbahn in direction Neustadt or Seebrugg to Titisee every half an hour. An access by train is also possible via the connection Stuttgart – Rottweil – Donaueschingen.
  • Your way from the Titisee station and in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD: Go out of the station then walk on your right. Just follow the signs (footpath approx. 1,200 m).

All persons over the age of 16 are allowed to access to the PALM OASIS and the PALAIS VITAL. This regulation is independent of whether the legal representatives are present or not. The reason for this is that we wanted to create areas in which the needs of our guests would be perfectly satisfied.
The PALMENOASE and the PALAIS VITAL should be relaxation areas where calm and rest are proposed. In the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD, children can have fun as much as they want, without disturbing or being disturbed.
The GALAXY SCHWARZWALD offers 23 ultra-modern slides, a sports pool with wave pool and diving platforms, so that young and old can experience fun and action. Numerous genuine palm trees decorate the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD and its total area represents about the half of the entire complex of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. In this way, the guests of the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD benefit from an actual Caribbean feeling paired with 25 spectacular attractions.
We have created three different bathing areas at the heart of the Black Forest, in order to suit all audiences. For this reason, we are definitely family-friendly. The experiences and the feedback of our guests, also in our partner thermal baths, show that the simultaneous visit of numerous children does not ensure the right and desired amount of calm and rest in our PALM OASIS and PALAIS VITAL. Sparkling children's eyes after their visit moreover confirm our conception of having three different and separated areas suiting all needs.

Entering the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD and the PALM OASIS is only allowed in suitable swimwear. The PALAIS VITAL is a clothing-free zone. Therefore, wearing swimwear is not authorized there (nudity area).
Wearing underwear under swimwear or as a substitute for swimwear is not permitted. Wide and tight swimming shorts, which are maximum knee length, may be worn. Longer swimming shorts are prohibited. The wearing of a burkini (two-piece swimsuit made of elastane) is permitted.
Moreover, there is a Kaulberg Badeshop in our lobby with great selection of affordable bathing fashion (in all sizes). Here you will find everything for your aquatic stay. The Badeshop Kaulberg is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 07.00 pm. On weekends and bank holidays, the shop is open from 09.30 am to 06.00 pm.

The Badeparadies Card is a value card available in three different categories. If you buy a Badeparadies Card, you will benefit from following discount: Badeparadies Card Bronze: Value € 100.00 — you pay only € 92.50. Thus you benefit from a discount of 7.5 percent. Badeparadies Card Silver: Value € 250.00 — you pay only € 225.00. Thus you benefit from a discount of 10 percent. badeparadies Card Gold: Value € 500.00 — you pay only € 440.00. Thus you benefit from a discount of 12 percent.
With the Badeparadies Card, you can pay cashless for admission and all gastronomic services. The card can be transmitted to friends and family members and is not limited in time. If you buy a Badeparadies Card, the rest of the credit cannot be reimbursed. You cans also obtain a gift voucher for the card in our online shop.

In the architecture, we have paid attention to the needs of disabled people and wheelchair users. We have big changing rooms and special showers. The areas PALM OASIS and GALAXY SCHWARZWALD are easily accessible for disabled people/wheelchair users. The slides are unfortunately accessible only via a slide tower (without lift!). Please consider that there is no pool-lift in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. A pool lift is available in the PALM OASIS. Our staff is here to help you - do not hesitate to ask! The massage-lounge "Pure Balance" is accessible only via a staircase from the PALM OASIS. In the PALAIS VITAL, all areas are accessible through a lift.
Guests from 4 years who have a disability card with mention B cannot access for free, but can take an accompanying person (at least 18+) with them for free.

Das BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is divided in three areas.

The GALAXY SCHWARZWALD proposes loads of action and fun with 25 attractions. 23 slides as well as the wave pool "Crazy Surf" await young and old alike. Moreover, the guests can enjoy the numerous loungers in the GALAXY RELAX or in the green outdoor area of the GALAXY GARDEN. Delicious dishes, snacks and drinks can be found in the "Café Splash" or in the "Galaxy Diner".

The PALM OASIS proposes rest and relaxation for all guests from16 years. Separated from the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD with a soundproof structure, the guests can relax deeply in the 33°C warm water under 200 genuine palm trees. At the pool-bar or in the restaurant "PalmGarden", you can experience an exceptional Caribbean feeling with delicious specialties and exquisite cocktails. Enjoy relaxing moments in the WELLS OF HEALTH and in the steam bath "Black Forest Mist".

The SPA and sauna universe PALAIS VITAL awaits all sauna fans with an exceptional experience. 12 unique saunas, the "Vital Lagoon" and the "Champagne Pool" invite to relaxation and wellness. The WELLS OF VITALITY with four different mineral and salt pools propose a dreamlike panoramic view over 100 real Caribbean palm trees. Moreover, all female guests can relax in the VENUS SKY LOUNGE, the SPA and vital lounge for ladies only. Finally, the restaurant and the pool-bar await all guests with a large selection of culinary highlights.

In the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD, you can pay either with credit card (VISA/ Mastercard) or in cash at the cash desk. In the lobby of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD, you will also find a cashpoint of the Volksbank.
After admission at the cash desk, everything can be paid "cashless" in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD (restaurants, extension, passover, etc.). All expenses will be recorded on the so-called transponder. At the end of the visit, you hand the transponder back at the cash desk, and pay for the booked services in the restaurants/bars, as well as for extensions and/or passovers. All visitors are responsible for their transponder. The transponder must always be carried on the guest's person during the entire stay. In case of loss, a flat-rate charge of 45 € will be charged. If the transponder is found again, the amount will be refunded.

There is a bus stop right in front of the complex. The bus stop can be used only for short stops. Bus parking spaces are at your disposal on the visitors' parking-lot in the Neustädterstraße (at 3 minutes drive from the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD). This parking-lot is fee-based (per day/bus).

Locals of ten towns of the association « Zweckverband Hochschwarzwald (Hinterzarten, Breitnau, Schluchsee, Titisee-Neustadt, Lenzkirch, Feldberg, Löffingen, Friedenweiler, Eisenbach, St. Märgen), as well as guests of those towns owning a Konus card obtain a price reduction of 2 € per admission. This discount can only be granted if an appropriate identification card is presented at the cash desk at the entrance (ID, passport, Konus card).
Guests owning the Hochschwarzwald Card (from 16 years) can benefit from 1,5 hours free admission in the PALM OASIS and the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. Young guests owning the Hochschwarzwald Card (under 16 years) can benefit from 1,5 hours free admission in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. More information on: Hochschwarzwald Card

Guests from 4 years who have a disability card with mention B cannot access for free, but can take an accompanying person (at least 18+) with them for free. Other information concerning guests with disability can be found on "Does the Badeparadies Schwarzwald fit the needs of the disabled?".

Students receive a discount of 2 € on all prices of the PALM OASIS and PALAIS VITAL from Monday to Friday outside the public holidays and holiday periods in Baden-Württemberg by presenting a valid student card. The student discount cannot be combined with the local or Konus-card discount.
Other special rates can be found on our rate overview.

Catering areas are integrated in the PALAIS VITAL, the PALM OASIS and the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. The offer is wide and varied. And goes from little snacks to international specialties. It is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks due to hygienic reasons.

We do not propose any family-admission tickets. But you can nevertheless benefit from the special rate "Family Friday". It is valid on Fridays outside the school holiday periods in Baden-Württemberg Two family members (one parent, one child) can visit the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD together during 3 hours for 32 € only. Each additional family member pays 16 €.
As an alternative, we advise you to obtain the BADEPARADIES CARD. More information on: Badeparadies Card.

During holiday periods, we host more guests than usually. In order to make your stay at the Badeparadies Schwarzwald as pleasant as possible, we have selected a few tips and indications for you:

  • Inform yourself previously per phone (008000 4444 333; free of charge) which amount of visitors is expected.
  • We recommend a visit in the early morning or in the evening from 06.00 pm.
  • Come and join our complex with the public transportation. The Titisee Station is at approx 1,200 m from the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD and can be reached easily by foot. Moreover, there is a bus stop right in front of the complex. You can reach the bus stop "Titisee Badeparadies Schwarzwald" with the bus line 7257. More information concerning routes and timetables available here.
  • For guest of the region who are not depending on holiday-times to visit us, we recommend a visit outside of those busy periods.

In the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD, we have an extra room where all lost or forgotten objects are stored. If you have lost something, please contact us as soon as possible via our service-hotline (008000 4444 333; free of charge) or write an e-mail at

For people celebrating their birthday on the day of their visit, we propose: children up to 15 years incl. will benefit from 3 hours free admission in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. Young persons from 16 years and adults will obtain a 5 € gift voucher. It is valid for one year, but can be redeemed on the same day. Those birthday-gifts will be granted only by presenting a corresponding proof at check-in (ID, passport, etc.).

From 20 paying persons, you will obtain a group-discount of 10 percent on the booked rate. Moreover, you will be granted one free admission for every 25 paying persons. From 200 persons, obtain 10% discount and 1 free ticket for every 20 persons. For school groups, obtain 1 free ticket for every 10 pupils (for the accompanying teacher). There are no processing or reservation fees. Moreover, the bus driver receives a voucher for a meal incl. free drink, which can be redeemed directly in the restaurants! Please consider that the bus driver must have his own swimwear.
For a reservation, please fill-in the reservation form and send us the filled form at least 14 days before your wished visit date per fax or e-mail. More information concerning group offers available here.

Our gift voucher or the Badeparadies Card can be bought via our online-shop or directly on the spot in our lobby. It is not possible to order the vouchers or the Badeparadies Card per phone. You can obtain value vouchers for 5 €, 10 €, 25 € and 50 € and vouchers for admission tickets (2 hour basis-rate and day ticket) for each area. Moreover, you can buy vouchers for several packages and for the Badeparadies Card. More information concerning the Badeparadies Card available here.
It is not possible to redeem vouchers obtained from the Thermal baths Erding, the thermal baths Bad Wörishofen , the thermal baths Sinsheim or the thermal baths Euskirchen in theBADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD.

You can rent towels for a fee of 4 € each. You will also have to leave a deposit of 20 €. The towels are sold for an amount of 20.90€ per item. You can rent bathrobes for a fee of 6 € each. The deposit for a bathrobe is of 30 €. The bathrobes are sold for an amount of 44 € per item. Moreover, we propose sauna-kilts for a rental fee of 4 € each. The deposit for those is 20 € per item. 

Guests owning the Hochschwarzwald Card (from 16 years) can benefit from daily 1,5 hours free admission in the PALM OASIS and the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. Young guests owning the Hochschwarzwald Card (under 16 years) can benefit from daily 1,5 hours free admission in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. Each half an hour extension will cost 1 € extra charge. The max. extension rate will be 9 € for a day ticket. The passover to the PALAIS VITAL incl. WORLD OF SAUNAS amounts to 10 €. Please consider that, on weekends and bank holidays, an extra charge of 4 € per person will be billed. Passover and extension fees have to be paid for later on at the exit cash desk. More information on

Toddlers up to 3 years included have free access to the PALM OASIS and the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. We beg you to put on swim nappies or swimming pants for toddlers. In the PALM OASIS and the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD, you will find a nursing room. Moreover, the changing rooms are equipped with diaper-changing tables. From 4 years, children will pay the regular admission rate.

It is not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages. Our reception staff, as well as our staff in the areas is required to politely draw your attention to the fact that you are not allowed to take alcoholic beverages into the complex. Moreover, alcoholic beverages of any kind will be confiscated by our staff. As operator of the complex, we have the obligation to ensure the safety of all guests at any time. Alcohol consumption is limited to a reasonable amount per person, and adhering to a reasonable limit is the responsibility of individual guests. We reserve the right to order intoxicated guests whose behaviour poses a threat to or disrupts bathing activities to leave the premises.

Badeparadies Schwarzwald TN GmbH
Am Badeparadies 1
79822 Titisee-Neustadt - Germany
Ph.: 008000 4444 333 (free of charge)
Int: +8000 4444333
Fax: +49 (0)7651 9360-122

Massages are proposed daily in the massage lounge "Pure Balance". Massages can be booked on the day of the visit, directly on the spot. Following massages are at the disposal of our guests:
our wide massage offer can be found here.

The current opening times can be found here.

The BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD has 850 parking spaces and a charging station for electric vehicles. The parking spaces are at the disposal of our guests for a reduced parking fee of only €2. Please let our staff validate you park-ticket at the entrance/check-in. To access the new exclusive car park for the guests of the PALAIS VITAL, please take the Neustädter Straße.
Bus parking spaces are at your disposal on the visitors' parking-lot in the Neustädterstraße (at 3 minutes drive from the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD). This parking-lot is fee-based (per day/bus).

Smoking is permitted only in the indicated outdoor areas (in all areas) as well as in the Schwarzwälder Raucherstüble in the PALM OASIS. The access to the Schwarzwälder Raucherstüble can be reached via the outdoor area.

With our reservation service, ensure your admission to the Badeparadies Schwarzwald on a fixed day. The reservation includes a day ticket for the selected area, incl. a reservation fee of 5 €. If you make a reservation, you benefit from a guaranteed access until 03.00 pm, even by full house. A reservation can be made at least 24h before your visit via our online shop. Just select the wished day of visit and the corresponding rate. Then simply pay from home. After your order, you will receive the reservation per e-mail. Please print it out to present it on the day of visit. On the day of the visit, you can check-in directly via the information desk of our lobby (access GALAXY SCHWARZWALD and PALM OASIS).
The reservation offer is an additional service and is not necessary to access to the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD.

In the PALAIS VITAL, our textile-free SPA and vital universe, you will experience 25 steam treatments and wellness programmes daily, with sound rituals, beauty treatments with masks and peelings and many other highlights. In the PALM OASIS, you can experience a varied aqua-fitness programme in the Blue Lagoon and several treatments in the steam bath "Black Forest Mist". Here you will find current information about our daily programme.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with visiting the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD during pregnancy. However, in order to avoid any risks, the attending physician should be consulted beforehand.

The admission tickets for the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD are staggered in 2h basic-rate and day tickets. It is possible to extend the stay at any time. Per started ½ hour, we bill an extra charge of 1 € per person. The total extra charge will be paid for at the exit and cannot exceed the price of a day ticket.
On weekends and bank holiday, we bill an extra charge of 4  € per person.
Children up to 3 years incl. benefit from free admission. From 4 years, the regular admission rate has to be paid. There is no price difference between the admission tickets for adults and children.
All persons over the age of 16 are allowed to access to the PALM OASIS and the PALAIS VITAL. If those areas are not booked at the entrance, the passover to the other areas is recorded on the transponder key, and has to be paid for at the exit cash desk. Have a look at the rate overview.

Special rates
Our special rates are valid only outside of holiday periods. More information on: special rates

The average air temperature in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is of approx. 33 °C. The water temperature of the sports and wave pool in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD is of 32°C. In the slides and in the arrival pools, the water temperature is of approx. 30°C. In the "Blue Lagoon" of the PALM OASIS, a water temperature of approx. 33°C awaits you. Moreover you can relax in the WELLS OF HEALTH with a water temperature of approx. 36°C. Pleasant 33°C await you in the Vital-Lagoon and in the "Champagne-Pool" of the PALAIS VITAL. In the WELLS OF VITALITY, enjoy a water temperature of approx. 36°C.

We would be pleased if you extend your stay. We kindly recommend our partner hotels nearby the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD, which propose attractive package deals incl. admission ticket for the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. More information concerning our partner hotels available here.

You can park you Camper Van on our free parking spaces during your visit, and stay there for one night. The parking spaces are situated behind the car parking-lot. The Camper Van spaces do not include electrical connections or sanitary facilities. In the closer surroundings, however, there are numerous Camper Van sites on various camping sites. More information on