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Palais Vital


12 unique saunas will take you to magical worlds. Discover the beauty of the Black Forest, the charm of the Orient and the Caribbean summer-feeling. Feel the power of fire and water, the magnificence of flora and fauna. Your journey has just begun.



Waterfall Sauna, approx. 55°C

Quietly splashing water in front of the dreamlike scenery of an impressive mountain panorama. Here you can let steam off and give vent to your thoughts.

Salarium, approx. 45°C

Fine and salty mist creates a unique microclimate: an absolute relief and a kick for the immune system. Take a deep breath.

Panorama Sauna, approx. 65°C

Experience wellness with a stunning panoramic view over an endless palm tree ocean. A true paradise at the heart of the WORLD OF SAUNAS.

Rustic Parlour, approx. 70°C

Regional, authentic, rustic. Meet the original Black Forest in our rustic parlour. Home sweet home.

Art Nouveau, approx. 75°C

Hot temperatures in an artistic atmosphere. Discover the art & culture of sauna in a new way - at the heart of it all. And at the same time, enjoy the view over the palm trees of the PALAIS VITAL.

Alhambra, approx. 75°C

Globetrotters can come and discover the magic of the Orient. Marvel at the beneficial and warm colours of fire.

Birch Sauna, approx. 75°C

Go back to the roots of pure sauna pleasure. In the forest-like atmosphere, surrounded by birch trunks, you can enjoy and relax deeply.

Caribbean Dream, approx. 80°C

Carribean² - green palms and deep blue water.. Dive in and dream away with 360° holiday-feeling and the view over the canopy of the PALAIS VITAL.

Fire Sauna, approx. 85°C

Feel the heat and imagine red lava flowing just besides you. Relax & sweat - at the heart of the volcano.

Black Forest Chalet, approx. 90°C

The king among all saunas. Warm wood immersed in amber light. Il you like it hot, you will be at the right place here.

Rose Garden, approx. 65°C

Roses blooming forever. Right in the middle of a rose ocean, ladies can have an exceptional time at the sauna.

Diamond Dream, approx. 80°C

Inspired by the beauty of the peacock-feather, a dreamlike atmosphere has been created here. Enjoy pure exclusivity and do something good for your body at the same time!

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