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Create dreamlike memories together

A journey with your team or club, a day with friends: the perfect occasion to choose an exceptional destination. From 20 persons already, benefit from exclusive condition to discover three worlds - one paradise.

Our special conditions for groups from 20 persons

Fun and action in the GALAXY, pure relaxation in the PALM OASIS or unique wellness moments in the PALAIS VITAL - everyone will find his/her own paradise.
  Price discount +one free ticket
From 20 persons 10 % For every 25 paying guests
From 200 persons 10 % For every 20 paying guests

Free of charge: reservation

For school classes

A school trip to the GALAXY remains unforgettable.

  Price discount +one free ticket for teachers
From 20 Persons (up to and including 15 years) 10 % for every 10 paying pupils

Free of charge: reservation

Our special conditions for groups at a glance


Regular From 20 persons Regular From 20 persons
Rate from 3 hours 19 € 17,10 € 22 € 19,80 €
Maximum per day 27 € 24,30 € 30 € 27 €

Reserve for free here!

Benefit from our attractive group offer and register at least 7 days before your planned visit day.

Register your group

By groups from 20 persons, the bus driver benefits from free admission. Moreover, the bus driver receives a voucher for a meal incl. free drink, which can be redeemed directly in the restaurants! Please consider that the bus driver must have his own swimwear.

There is a bus stop right in front of the complex. The bus stop can be used only for short stops. Bus parking spaces are at your disposal on the visitors' parking-lot in the Neustädterstraße (at 3 minutes drive from the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD). This parking-lot is fee-based (per day/bus).

Per 25 guests, one accompanying person will benefit from free admission. By groups from 200 persons, you will receive one free admission ticket for every 20 paying guests, for the area which has been booked by the whole group. Passovers to other areas have to be paid by the accompanying persons themselves.

For school groups from 20 persons, you become one free ticket for every 10 pupils.

We do our best to grant access to each guest in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. However, please consider that the number of visitors is limited in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. That is why we beg you to register your group in due time, so that your stay can be guaranteed. If the whole group-contingent is outspent on the wished day of visit, then we will not be able to take more reservations.

You can pay either with credit card (VISA/ Mastercard) or in cash. Companies and associations have the possibility, by previous registration, to pay on invoice. In this case, the group-leader has to undersign the collective invoice at the reception, and hereby confirms the invoiced amount.

The group-leader pays the admission for all group members at the reception of the entrance. It is essential that all group members, or always at least 20 persons, book the same rate. It is not possible to pay for catering services through a collective invoice. Each guest has to pay the sums indicated on his individual transponder at the checkout cash desk.
If you visit the Badeparadies Schwarzwald with the HochschwarzwaldCard on a week-end or on a bank holiday, the group leader has to pay for the collective week-end extra charge of all group members.

After admission at the cash desk, everything works cashless (restaurants, extension, passover, etc.) All expenses will be recorded on the so-called transponder. All visitors are responsible for their transponder. The transponder must always be carried on the guest's person during the entire stay. In case of loss, a flat-rate charge of 45 € will be charged. If the transponder is found again, the amount will be refunded.

As the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD Card is already a dscounted card, it cannot be used for the payment of group visits. It can nevertheless be used to pay in the several restaurants and snacks.

The group leader goes to the reception and announces the group. For this, the group leader has to indicate the exact number of adults and young visitors under 16. The reception team member will issue a collective invoice. The group-leader will pay directly in cash or with credit card, or confirm the invoice's amount with his signature (for companies and associations with payment method "on invoice").

The BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD does not indicate a minimum age. The group leaders are responsible for the supervision of their group members. The number of supervisors has to be defined by each group. Children up to 3 years incl. benefit from free admission.

Yes. But at first, the whole group has to book the same rate in the same area. An upgrade, for example from GALAXY to the PALM OASIS, is possible afterwards. For this, the guest pays 3 € extra charge once for the Palm Oasis. As he passes the turnstile between the two areas, the amount will be recorded on the transponder. For a passover between PALM OASIS and PALAIS VITAL, a unique amount of 4 € has to be paid to access the textile-free bating area, and another extra charge of 6 € will be recorded on the transponder to access the sauna area. Please consider that the passovers cannot be discounted, and that each guest has to pay individually for those at the checkout by leaving the complex. Prior condition to access the PALM OASIS and/or the PALAIS VITAL is to be aged 16+.

If the groups cannot come on the registered day of visit, the group leader has to unsubscribe his group as soon as possible. If a group has not appeared 60 minutes after the indicated arrival time, and has not unsubscribed, then the group leader will have to pay a processing fee of 119,00 € (VAT incl.).

Access by car/bus:
Das BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is situated directly on the national road B31. Take the exit Neustadt West, and follow the signs. Address for your GPS: Neustädterstraße 24, 79822 Titisee-Neustadt - Germany.

Access by train:
Please join the Titisee station. You will find the several train connections on From the station, you just have to walk 10 minutes by following the signs to reach the complex.