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Palm Oasis


Five different pools have been refined with the most essential minerals in the world and transform every session into a recovery cure with an energy boost for the immune system. Enjoy the effective combination of zinc-selenium and lithium-calcium. Float away in beneficial Dead Sea salt and let your soul dangle.



Lithium-Calcium pool, approx. 36°C

New balance for your soul, new strength for body and bones, and intensive care for sensitive skin. The mineral combinations is an actual all-round talent.

Mineral pool, approx. 36°C

Dead Sea salt (4 % salt rate) is a real life-elixir and a benefit for body and soul. Sea salt crystallized in the sun, then dissolved in water, unfolds its full effect.

Flotation pool, approx. 36°C

Glide seemingly weightless over the water, let go and dream away. Dead Sea salt with a rate of 18 % is at the same time relaxing, cleansing and healing. Reinforce your immune system now!

Zinc-selenium pool, approx. 36°C

With view over the PALM OASIS and the view over the peaks of the Black Forest. The zinc-selenium pool will provide you the power of minerals and the unique Black Forest Caribbean panorama.