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The palm trees of the “Paradise”

More than 300 real hand-picked palm trees spread over three worlds can be found in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. Behind the beautiful scenery lies state-of-the-art technology, a lot of time and passion.

A unique trip!

The wonderful palm trees, which spread over the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD since 2010, do not come from the next garden centre. They come from Malaysia and Florida and were selected individually and personally on site. For up to 15 years, those palm trees were cultivated on plantations.
After the decision was made which palms should now be part of the Black Forest Caribbean, they were transported to Europe in special thermo sea containers. In the Netherlands, the palm trees went ashore after a three-week journey. They stayed there for half a year to get used to the European climate.
From Rotterdam the journey continued by truck to Titisee. With special cranes, the palm trees were finally placed in their giant plant pots through the open glass roof.

Technical supervision

A specially developed software takes care of each individual palm tree. It measures temperature, humidity and controls irrigation. As soon as the values do not correspond to the standard, an alarm is triggered. Irrigation system includes more than 180 magnetic valves. One irrigation session last for 12 hours. So, the palms trees will also feel as well as the guests.