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"PalmGarden" Restaurant und Pool-bar

A culinary oasis in the middle of the palm tree ocean. Colourful salads, juicy steaks or delicious pasta dishes will be the perfect complement of your short trip in the Black Forest Caribbean. And even more holiday feeling awaits you at the pool-bar. Fruity cocktails, a freshly tapped beer or a sparkling soft drink will taste like a short trip in paradise in the 33°C warm water.


Delicacies in the PALM OASIS

Restaurant "PalmGarden"

Fresh ingredients - the best basis for vital delicacies. A great choice of varied salads, fresh pasta and exotic as well as regional specialities will please all gourmets. And an exquisite dessert will top it all. At the coffee bar, ice-cream creations, cakes and refined coffee-specialities await you.

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Pool-bar in the "Blue-Lagoon"

You will be spoilt for choice. Whether fruity or bitter, sparkling or quiet, the classic or rather something excitingly new, with or without alcohol: at the pool-bar, all your wishes will come true.
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