WELLS OF HEALTH provides you with another highlight at BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. Maintaining your health is of great concern to us. That is why the first extension to BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD was created to really benefit your health and beauty. This exclusive area offers visitors to the PALM OASIS various health pools with the most valuable minerals in the world.

Dead Sea Brine - float as if you're in the Dead Sea

Feel totally relaxed in our mineral pools thanks to your joints being completely relieved of any strain. Experience Dead Sea Brine as an elixir of life due to the combination of water, light and minerals. Feel the Dead Sea Brine as solidified sunlight, consisting of sea salt which was dissolved and crystallised by the sun.

The Dead Sea salt is a beauty treatment for your skin and body. Its healing, cleaning, soothes rheumatic complaints and circulation problems. Furthermore it strengthens your energy levels, immune system and inner well-being.

New energy for your mind and power!

Both the lithium and calcium pools provide the mind, body and bones with new strength. According to a recent study by the University of Jena, lithium improves your general mood and therefore contributes to emotional stability. Calcium is proven to prevent osteoporosis as it strengthens bones. 
Soothes sensitive skin and firms connective tissue.*

Lithium can improve your general mood, it can contribute to emotional stability and can already lead to longer life in small concentrations.*

Calcium can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Furthermore it can be effective against numbness and muscle cramps and it can have an anti-allergenic effect. It can soothe sensitive skin, relieve itchiness and confirm connective tissue.

* According to a scientific study by the University of Jena, 15.02.2011

Feel it - The force of minerals

Feel the force of minerals and experience how lithium and salt of the Dead Sea feel on your skin. Learn more about the constitutional effects of these powerful salts.

Daily at 1 pm and at 5 pm in the WELLS OF HEALTH.

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