Steam bath "Black Forest Mist"

You really get in a sweat in our "Black Forest Mist" steam bath. During the whole body sweat bath, toxins escape through the skin by perspiring, your body is purified, circulation is stimulated and skin is cleansed deep down into the pores. The blasts of steam generally have a relaxing effect on the mind and body. 


You should only stay in the steam bath for 15 minutes at the most and then cool your body down afterwards. These numerous special treatments promote well-being and relax muscles. A rest and relaxation phase rounds off your spa treatment perfectly.


Two new solariums are now available for you in the PALM OASIS. For just €3.50 for five and a half minutes you can recharge your batteries and enjoy moments of tranquillity and relaxation under the motto "Solar energy provides sheer joy of life". As solariums offer what every person needs: light, warmth and well-being. Solar rays not only provide a beautiful complexion but also stimulate the production of endorphins and thus improve your well-being! Besides relaxation and recuperation, "sunbathing" also has health benefits and strengthens your immune system. Vitamin D3 is particularly important for your well-being. It prevents osteoporosis (brittle bone disease), strengthens the cardiovascular system and performance, helps with skin diseases and activates happiness hormones, which alleviates depression.

At the same time you can easily achieve gentle, skin-friendly tanning. Define your skin type to find out your ideal tanning time. You can of course ask any of our staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

Settle down in this little oasis of tranquillity and relaxation, close your eyes and forget about your everyday worries. We hope you have great fun and enjoy sunbathing, relaxing and recharging your batteries!

Infrared loungers

You can do something really good for your body on our 10 "infrared loungers". The infrared heat from above irradiates your whole body and ensures cosy, deep relaxation. The body's self-healing powers are activated and your immune system is strengthened thanks to the radiant heat produced.

The body's basic muscle tension is relaxed by the antispasmodic heat from the infrared light. When using these, you should not exceed the maximum time of 30 minutes.

Infrared cabins

A recent new highlight in the PALM OASIS for all guests is an "infrared heat cabin". For the small charge of €2.00 up to two people can enjoy 30 minutes of beneficial deep heat. The infrared cabin provides noticeable relaxation and is effective in supporting the body's healing processes. It creates a great feeling of wellness and gives your whole body a boost.

The body's self-healing powers are activated and your immune system is strengthened thanks to the radiant heat produced. Thanks to this healing perspiration, the body is purified and the blood supply to the skin is better, making it feel softer and more beautiful.

A stay in an "infrared cabin" is a spa highlight that has positive effects on the mind, body and soul and is therefore one of the most pleasant and wonderful forms of health care.

Foot basin

The "foot basin" has room for 8 people. Generally, a foot bath
helps your circulation and helps boost your well-being. A foot
bath taken before the sauna makes you sweat more and boosts
blood circulation which has a positive effect on cold feet. This is
recommended to boost circulation.The cold foot bath is also ideal
after a sauna or between saunas (warm/cold stimulation). It
enhances the effect of the sauna. The vessels are restricted by
the cold water and blood is prevented from sinking down into
the legs. The cool water withdraws body heat.

After the first cooling process, a warm foot bath is then very
pleasant as the blood vessels expand again and the body's
core reaches its normal temperature again.
This improves blood supply to the skin. Thanks to the
improved blood supply, heat is transported more easily from the

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