Salarium approx. 60°C

Take a deep breath and feel the alleviating and beneficial
effects of fine salt crystals.
The curative power of pure salts strengthens your
immune system, supports the regeneration of the
respiratory system and offers more vitality and well-being.


Rustic Parlour approx. 70°C

Feel at home in the Black Forest, enjoy the smell of
regional wood and experience a wellness moment in
the authentic and convivial parlour, just besides the
tiled stove.

Alhambra approx. 75°C

Experience the charm of the Orient in the middle
of the Black Forest, and enjoy magic moment in a
sumptuous atmosphere.

Art Nouveau approx. 75°C

Tank up some energy in the relaxing atmosphere of
a key period in art history and feel the fascinating
and inspiring effects of art on body and mind. 

Caribbean Dream approx. 80°C

Take a break and plunge into the paradisiacal heat
of the exotic Southern countries.

Black Forest Chalet approx. 90°C

The combination of originality, intense steam treatments and
genuine atmosphere for a perfect sauna experience. For the
hard-boiled, an exclusive special steam treatments programme
is proposed.

Waterfall Sauna approx. 55°

An incomparable sauna experience awaits you in the “Waterfall Sauna”.
The high air-humidity and the moderate warmth protect your circulation
and are beneficial for your respiratory system. Listen to the relaxing
splashing of the water and drift away in a dream world. 

Panorama Sauna approx. 65°

In our “Panorama Sauna”, a magnificent view over the unique landscape
of the PALM OASIS awaits you. Here you can let your soul dangle and
have a beneficial rest far from the daily routine. Experience the interaction
of warmth and fresh fragrances. The view over the dreamlike
“Black Forest Caribbean” invites you to set your thoughts free and to
relax deeply.

Birch Sauna approx. 75°C

The “birch sauna” is a classic sauna.  The genuine tree trunks, as well
as the colours and scents ensure a pleasant atmosphere.  Peace and
quiet is guaranteed in this Finnish atmosphere. 
The effects of the honey steam water preparation are like “liquid gold”
and help ensure smooth, velvet-soft skin.

Fire Sauna approx. 85°

Look forward to an exclusive fiery experience. Spectacular light
effects combined with raging pictures will make you sweat, as if
the lava was flowing just besides you.

Beneficial steam treatments

In the WORLD OF SAUNAS, experience varied and
beneficial steam treatments - the highlight of a sauna session. 

Listen to the light fizzle, as the water touches the hot stones
and turns into steam. Feel the warmth and the different positive
effects of steam treatments.
Relaxing and calming, beneficial and bracing, or stimulating and
balancing: exclusive steam treatments with varied rituals and
a selection of fragrances ensure a unique sauna experience in
paradisiacal atmosphere.

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