Wells of Vitality

Reinforce your immune system & enjoy the view over the palm trees

The frequent absorption of minerals is not only good for your physical well-being, it is also essential for a stable immune system.

In the new PALAIS VITAL, several “Vital-Wells” await you with the most essential and precious minerals of the world. Float above the palm trees in approx. 36°C warm water and enjoy a unique panoramic view over the Black Forest.


Lithium-Calcium Pool

The “Lithium-Calcium Pool” contributes to your emotional stability and strengthens your bones. In  addition, the combination of mineral has positive effects on connective tissue and soothes sensitive skin.

Mineral-Pool and Flotation Pool

The Mineral-Pool (salt rate 4%) and the Flotation Pool (salt rate 18%) hide a real secret of beauty for pure and firm skin. The cleansing and reinforcing effects of fine salts firm the connective tissue and improve skin texture.

Feel the positive effects by rheumatisms or cardiovascular problems, as well as the vitalising and reinforcing effects on your immune system.

Zinc-Selenium Pool

Tank up some energy in the beneficial and heath-promoting zinc-selenium pool. The mix of essential minerals stimulates muscle construction and healing, as well as thyroid hormones secretion.

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