Exclusive SPA and vital lounge - only for Ladies

One-of-its kind in the region, the VENUS SKY LOUNGE offers a unique wellness offer for Ladies who would like to treat themselves and their body with a beneficial break. Experience a unique well-being experience and feel like a Queen in the paradisiacal beauty worlds of the SPA and vital lounge.

Have a rest in the relaxing oasis with stunning view over the Caribbean palms and the surrounding Black Forest setting by an air temperature of approx. 34°C.

Come and discover in the VENUS SKY LOUNGE: 

Steam bath “Crystal-Mist” approx. 40°C

Enjoy the sweet effects of the steam bath “Crystal-Mist” and feel how you body is stimulated, how your muscles relax and how your airways are freed.  Special peelings proposed in this new and exclusive steam bath complement perfectly the vital-offer of the VENUS SKY LOUNGE. 

“Rose Garden” approx. 65°C

Take the time and treat yourself with a vitalizing sauna experience in our “Rose Garden”.  Surrounded by the floral beauty of the roses and the view over the blue sky, the themed sauna conveys a unique feeling of freedom and well-being.  

Treat yourself with our steam treatment “Honey Love”. Experience a sensorial treatment and feel the soft and beneficial effects of honey on your skin. 

“Diamond Dream” approx. 80°C

Experience restful and beneficial wellness moments in our sauna “Diamond Dreams”. The shimmering blue eye of the light peacock-feather symbolizes magnificent beauty and passion. Come and feel like a Queen in this exclusive setting. The classical steam treatments will make you sweat healthily and guarantee a stimulating sauna experience of superlative exclusively for Ladies.   

“Vital Pools” (approx. 36°C)

Let the essential minerals pamper you and harmonize your body and soul. For example with Lithium-Calcium Pool (approx. 36°C), which will also soothe your skin. The Floating-Pool with 18% salt rate has for its part health promoting and cleansing effects.

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Tripadvisor Zertifikat für Exzellenz 2017

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