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Current information concerning your visit in the “Paradise”

Pure "Black Forest Caribbean"-feeling - the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is back for you!
The admission is possible only with pre-booked date-specific online-tickets including lounger/bedding!

Palmenparadies mit Cabrio-Dach

Online-ticket sales

Date specific online tickets are available via our online-shop.
From 26th June, the admission in our "paradise" will be possible only with valid pre-booked online-tickets. Tickets are available on our Online-Shop and cannot be bought on the spot.

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In order to guarantee the security of our guests and staff, the general rules of conduct in relation to the coronavirus also apply in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. That means: Keep distance, disinfect your hands regularly, adhere to the sneezing and coughing etiquette and visit the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD only in good health.
In close cooperation with the authorities, we have prepared for this new situation in the last days and weeks, and we have adapted our offer consequently.
Here you will find an overview of the most essential information:

The great action, water, rest and sauna areas of our "paradise" allow a secure and relaxed journey.

"Enjoy together with distance": we open the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD currently only for a limited amount of guests.

We also please everyone to give us a little help: if we all respect the additional hygiene and security requirements and take care of each other, there will be no obstacle on your way to a perfect journey.

The access to the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is possible only after online booking of a date specific admission ticket incl. accredited lounger/bedding. So we can guarantee that the number of guests will not exceed a fixed value, and that the distancing rules can be respected in all rest and action areas.

Register in our Myparadise, so you will be able to book your visit in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD fast and simply.
A spontaneous visit without pre-booking is not possible for the time being. Please also consider that the admission tickets are valid only on the booked date, and cannot be refunded or exchanged.

If you cannot come and visit us on the selected date, you have the possibility to modify your reservation. For this, proceed to a new reservation, and enter the ticket-code (situated just besides the QR Code) of the pre-booked ticket in the corresponding field before completion of the booking process in the shopping cart. The value of the previous ticket will be allocated on the current order, and the modification will be carried out automatically. You can modify your reservation until 11.59 pm on the eve of the date your booked admission ticket.

In order to allow the respect of the hygiene and security requirements, we have chosen a new visit model for these particular times with adapted opening hours.

You have the choice between two daily visit periods:
• "Day": 9 am - 3 pm
• "Evening": 4 pm - 10 pm

Early bird or night owl: you decide when you prefer to visit us.
During the one-hour break in the afternoon, we will carry out complementary disinfection measures through the entire facility. Consequently, the visit of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is possible only in the indicated periods..

As he/she books an admission ticket via our online-shop, each guest will compulsorily obtain a fixed lounger/bedding in the chosen area. So we can guarantee that only one guest will use the same lounger exclusively. When you book your admission ticket via the online-shop, you will be able to choose your kind of bedding. After having selected the type of bedding, the location can be chosen, or be assigned automatically as an alternative.

During the one-hour closing of the facility in the afternoon (3 pm to 4 pm), all loungers and beddings will be disinfected.

Wearing a mask is not mandatory in our rest and action areas.

In the lobby as well as the changing rooms of the paradise, wearing a mouth-nose mask is however mandatory for adults and children from 6 years. From the shower-area, you can put away your mask.


In conformity with the requirement of the local government and to adhere to our security and hygiene measures, some offers will not be available for the time being. Here you will find an overview of the main changes:

All saunas are open (except steam baths). Steam treatments are only authorised with restrictions, without waving the air with a towel. Currently we propose a varied wellness programme with aromas.
Here you will find the current well-being programme for the day price and the evening price. Those can be consulted on the information-displays on the spot.

Taste the culinary delicacies of our restaurants "TOP-Taste of Paradise" in the PALAIS VITAL, "Palmgarden" in the PALM OASIS and "Galaxy Diner" in our GALAXY. All gastronomic areas will be at your disposal as usual.

Our pool-bars are also open for you. Refresh yourself with a fruity cocktail, a soft drink or a coffee speciality.

Relax in one of the three individual themed and air-conditioned massage rooms. The exclusive massage lounge "Pure Balance" proposes optimal wellness-treatments for all needs in four categories. Please consider that a massage reservation is possible only in combination with a pre-booked online-ticket via our Online-Shop. You will obtain with your confirmation mail not only your online-ticket(s), but also a link to access to your massage reservation.


The BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD has always had a high standard of cleanness and hygiene. To ensure the safety and health of our guests and staff members, we have decided complementary measures in close cooperation with the authorities: distancing between the loungers or in the themed saunas are only little examples.

We have increased our already very high cleaning standards, and we constantly clean and disinfect all rest and action areas.

You will find supplementary hand-disinfectant dispensers in the whole facility.

Moreover, during the closing hour in the afternoon (3 pm - 4 pm), complementary disinfection operations and surface disinfection are carried out.

You are by far our best guests!

In order to keep the legal minimal distance of 1,5 m, you will find distance markers in all areas, for example on the floor or on sauna benches. All lounger and bedding areas in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD have been adapted to the minimal distance: the pre-booking of your stay including fixed lounger/bedding ensures that you will the only one to use the pre-disinfected lounger/bedding throughout the whole stay.

In the lobby as well as the changing rooms, wearing a mouth-nose mask is mandatory for adults and children from 6 years. As you enter the bathing are, from the showers, you can put away your mask.

Wearing a mask is not mandatory in our rest and action areas.

Using a hairdryer is permitted only in single cabins for hygiene reasons. Please use the available device there, the use of your own hairdryer is forbidden.

We beg you to visit the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD only in good health.

In order to protect all our guests and staff members, we proceed to a temperature measurement at the entrance of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD (for guests and staff) via a thermographic camera.

Our ventilation system allows a permanent air exchange, so that the air in our rest and action areas has an outdoor air quality.

Inside the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD, you do n ot need any cash thanks to the electronic transponder wristband.
When you leave the facility, please pay contactless when it is possible. Following means of payment are available on the spot :

• Credit card


Pre-bought admission tickets and vouchers as well as the Card can be used as means of payment with the start of the online admission ticket sales incl. lounger/bedding.

Just indicate the ticket code during the order process in your basket: we will credit the value of your ticket/voucher on your new order.

Please consider that the visit of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is currently possible only with date specific online ticket incl. lounger/bedding, and that previously bought vouchers have to be converted.

Value vouchers and reduction coupons, which you have obtained before our closing, can be used from our reopening for in-house services, but cannot be credited on the admission. Please present your valid value voucher/coupon as you leave the facility at the cash desk.

For guest with Disability Card with mention B (accompaniment required), we offer a free admission for one assistant*.
As usual, a previous online booking is also required here.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Register the holder of the Disability Card in our guest platform MyParadise (link) (if a customer account already exists, please skip this step)
  • Please send us a copy of your Disability Card (mentioning the accompaniment requirement) per e-mail at
  • Our Team will check your Disability Card and adjust your customer account in consequence
  • After approval by our staff, place a reservation via our online-shop (indicate all the persons) - you will be granted one free accompanying person automatically in the shopping cart.

*Please consider that if there is already a free of charge admission granted for a disabled toddler, the accompanying person will have to pay for admission.