Fit & Relax Days   from 15. November to 17. November

During the “Fit & Relax Days”, gather new energy and strength for the cold season. Beauty-workshops as well as extensive aquatic-workout and relaxation programmes await you daily.  And with the revivifying sauna steam treatments, you can give yourself over exclusively to your body and health.


Following highlights await you during the “Fit & Relax Days”:

Beauty-workshop with Ute

Vitalizing aquatic programmes 

Watsu - Relax Floating


Those supplementary offers are free of charge.

Beauty-workshop with Ute

During the beauty workshop with Ute, you can pamper and discover your skin. Enjoy precious and professional tips for general skin cleansing, care-peelings and beauty masks, and test those in the framework of the workshop. And to keep on taking care of your skin at home, a little take-away goodie bad awaits each participant.

Register by our vital-team in the PALM OASIS (max. 10 participants per workshop).


Beginning times of the workshops:

02.00 pm / 04.00 pm

Vitalizing aquatic programmes

Be fit for winter and activate your cardiovascular system. Rhythmic and energetic movements in water increase fat burning and reinforce your general fitness. You can take part in a free integral workout session with Latino & international tunes. 

And with aqua-pilates, your breathing and your mid-body muscles can be trained. 


Aqua-Fitness: 11.00 am

Aqua-Pilates: 01.00 pm

Aqua-Zumba: 03.30 pm

Watsu - Relax Floating

Watsu is a deep relaxation method practised in warm water, which allows you to focus on your body. The weightlessness experienced in water, combined with fluid movements and the safe sensation of being carried and snug, generates psychological changes in your body: The heartbeat slows down, the respiration deepens, the muscles relax and one can recover from the stressful daily routine.


Beginning time of the “Watsu - Relax Floating”

05.30 pm



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