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  • Is there a cash dispenser inside the complex?

    Yes, you will find an automatic cash dispenser in the foyer of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD.

  • Is there a special New Year’s event?

    No. There isn’t a special event at New Year. All areas are open on 31.12 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. On 01.01., the public holiday opening hours are 9.00 am to 10.00 pm.

  • Is there a bus park?

    There is a bus stop directly in front of the building.
    However, this bus stop can only be used for short-term stopping.
    Bus parking spaces are available in the visitors’ car
    park on Neustädterstraße
    (distance from BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD approx. 3 minutes).
    This parking spaces will be with costs.

  • As a second home owner, will I also get the “local tarif”?

    There is a contractual agreement with the Zweckverband Hochschwarzwald administration unit that states locals of the 10 Zweckverband communities and guests with guest tickets, who are holidaying in one of the 10 Hochschwarzwald municipalities, receive a discount of 2.00€. This agreement also applies to second home owners in these 10 municipalities, who pay the spa tax and have the relevant annual guest ticket.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay by “EC” card or credit card (VISA, Maestro or MasterCard) at the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD.  

    You can “pay” using your key chip in the pool area and restaurants so that you don’t need cash. At the end of the visit, simply give the chip to the cash desk again and pay for any food services, extra time and entry charges.

  • What happens with lost property?

    The BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD has a special lost property room, in which all lost and left property is stored.

  • Are massages or cosmetic treatments available?

    Massage offers are available every day in the massage-lounge 
    "Pure Balance". 

    More Information

  • What time is the last admission to our facilities?

    The last admission to the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is 1,5 hours before we close.

  • Are there any specific regulations regarding trunks?

    Entering the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD and the PALM OASIS is only allowed in specially suitable swimwear. Wearing underwear under swimwear, or as a substitute for swimwear is not permitted. Wide and tight trunks, which must be no longer than knee-length, can be worn. Longer trunks are not permitted.

  • Can swimwear be purchased?

    We have a Kaulberg Badeshop in the foyer.
    A huge selection of cost-effective swimwear for the whole family. Large cup sizes also available, together with everything needed for the water. 

    Opening times:
    Mon - Fri                                   10.00 - 19.00
    Sat/ Sun/ Public holidays           09.30 - 18.30

  • As a Hochschwarzwald Card holder, what happens if I want to stay longer than 1.5 hours or if I want to go to the PALAIS VITAL?

    Every half an hour of extra time incurs a 1,00 € of surcharge. Entry to the PALAIS VITAL with the WORLD OF SAUNAS costs 10,00 €. The entry charges and extra time are both settled at the cash desk as you are leaving. 

  • Do birthday children have to pay?

    Birthday children up to their 15th birthday receive three hours free entry into the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD on their birthday. Adults celebrating their birthdays receive a 5.00€ voucher on their birthday. This voucher is valid for one year. 

    Birthday entry is only granted upon submission of relevant evidence (ID, passport, etc.).

  • Discounts for locals, Konus guest cards, HTG tourism?

    Locals from the ten municipalities of the Zweckverband Hochschwarzwald and guests of the Zweckverband with a Konus card receive a discount of 2.00 € per entry. This discount can only be granted if the relevant evidence is presented on arrival at the cash desk (ID, passport, Konus guest card). 

    Guests with a Hochschwarzwaldcard (from 16 years old) can use the PALM OASIS and GALAXY SCHWARZWALD free of charge for 1,5 hours. Young people (under 16s) with a Hochschwarzwaldcard can use the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD free of charge for 1.5 hours.

  • Is there a group discount?

    A discount of 10 percent is granted on the booked tariff from 20 people.

  • Is there a family ticket?

    Due to the great demand, “Family Friday” has been introduced. This tarif can be used by all families on term-time Fridays in Baden-Württemberg. Two people, 1 of which must be a child (aged 4 - 16 years), pay 30,00€ in total for 3 hours in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD. Every additional family member (father, mother, child) pays an additional 15,00€. 

    Alternatively, we can offer you the BADEPARADIES Card (please see terms and conditions). This offers you the following discounts: 

    Badeparadies Card: Value € 100.00; you pay 92,50€. This is a saving of 7.5 percent. 

    Badeparadies Card Silver: Value € 250.00; you pay 225,00€. This is a saving of 10 percent. 

    Badeparadies Card Gold: Value € 500.00; you pay 440,00€. This is a saving of 12 percent. 

    You can settle all entry fees and food and drinks with the BADEPARADIES Card, like a debit card. This card cannot be used to buy and /or pay vouchers. You have the advantage that the card can be transferred and does not have a time limit. When purchasing the BADEPARADIES Card, payment of the residual amount is not possible on the same day. 

    The card is available at the cash desk or you can also purchase a voucher for the card through our online webshop

  • Do I have to pay something for the car park? Are there enough parking spaces?

    The Badeparadies Schwarzwald has 850 parking spaces. Parking is free for visitors of the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD during their stay. Please let your parking ticket devaluate at the exit. After that you have 30 minutes to leave the parking lot.

    To access the new exclusive car park for the guests of the PALAIS VITAL, please take the Neustädter Straße. 

  • Is there any parking for camper vans?

    At the moment, there are no camper van parking spaces with electrical hook-up and sanitary facilities in our car park. However, there are countless camper van plots on various campsites throughout the immediate proximity. You can find more information at:

  • How many slides are there and do they have age limits?

    There are three different levels in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD: 

    The Family Level: 12 slides
    Whether the snake slide with colour changes, triple slide, pipe slides of various lengths or our Boomerango halfpipe. 

    The Action Level: 9 slides, from age 7
    Nine astounding slides guarantee intergalactic sliding fun. Ride down the 180 action-loaded meters of “X-Tube” aboard a rubber ring. 

    The X-TREME Level: 2 slides, from age 13
    These include the biggest stainless steel halfpipe in the world and the 10-metre free fall slide.

  • Can I use vouchers from the thermal baths in Erding, Bad Wörishofen, Sinsheim or Euskirchen?

    Unfortunately, we are not currently able to take any vouchers you have purchased from the thermal baths in Erding, Bad Wörishofen, Sinsheim or Euskirchen at the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD.

  • I would like to buy a voucher. How can I order this?

    Our vouchers or BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD Card can be ordered through our webshop or bought directly from us in the foyer.
    It is not possible to order vouchers or BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD Cards by telephone. 

    Vouchers are available in 5,00€, 10,00€, 25,00€ and 50,00€ denominations. The BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD Card is also available. This is similar to a debit card and can be pre-loaded with 100,00€ (92,50€), 250,00€ (225,00€) and 500,00€ (440,00€). 

    As a guest, you receive a discount on these cards (see prices in brackets). They are transferable and have no time limit.  When purchasing the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD Card, payment of the residual amount is not possible on the same day.

  • Does the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD fit the needs of the disabled?

    When designing the architecture, consideration was given to people with disabilities and wheelchair users. We have generous changing cubicles and special showers. The PALM OASIS and GALAXY SCHWARZWALD areas can be accessed very well by people with physical disabilities or wheelchair users. Unfortunately, the slides can only be accessed by a slide tower (with no lift!).However, please be aware that there is currently no pool lift in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD.
    The massage-lounge “Pure Balance” is situated on the gallery of the PALM OASIS. It is accessible only via a staircase (without lift!) - in consequence, the access is conditioned for wheelchair users.

    In the PALAIS VITAL, all areas are accessible through a lift.

    Our staff is always happy to help.

  • Is there a discount for disabled people?

    If you are at least 4 years old and you have a “B”-grade certificate of disability, then your carer (at least 18 years old) receives free entry.

  • Can I hire towels?

    Yes. Towels can be hired for a charge of 2,00€. There is also a deposit of 20,00€. Towels are sold for 20,90€ each.

  • Can I hire a bathrobe?

    Yes. Bathrobe can be hired for a charge of 5,00€. There is also a deposit of 30,00€. White bathrobes are sold for 44,00€ each.

  • Is there a student discount?

    Yes. Students receive a 2,00€ discount off their tickets.
    This tariff is valid during Baden-Württemberg term-time only (not including bank holidays) from Monday to Friday on all tariffs for PALM OASIS and the PALAIS VITAL.

  • Can I get something to eat in the Badeparadies Schwarzwald?

    Yes, restaurants are integrated into the PALAIS VITAL, the PALM OASIS and the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD.

    We offer a diverse range of foods. From simple snacks to international cuisine. 

    Bringing your own food and drinks is not permitted.

  • From what age must children pay?

    Children aged 4 and over pay the same price as adults in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD.

  • Why are the PALM OASIS and the PALAIS VITAL only open to ages 16 and above?

    Anyone over the age of 16 can use the PALM OASIS and the PALAIS VITAL. This rule is irrespective of whether parents or legal guardians are present. This is because we wanted to create areas, in which the requirements of our guests are satisfied fully. The PALM OASIS and the PALAIS VITAL are intended to be areas of relaxation, where peace and quiet are on offer. In the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD, children can and, above all, should let off steam to their heart’s content without disturbing anyone or being disturbed. As well as 22 ultra-modern slides, the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD also has a sports pool with wave pool and diving board so that the young and young at heart can experience fun and action. Countless real palms adorn the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD and the total area within the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD is about half that of the entire BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD. In this respect, guests to the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD can experience the enjoyment of a real Caribbean feeling, teams with over 25 spectacular attractions. We have created two different pools in the Hochschwarzwald, which cater to the requirements of each target audience. For this reason, we are prepared for families and are also family-friendly. 

    The experiences and, above all, the feedback from our guests in our partner thermal spas in Erding, Bad Wörishofen and Sinsheim show that the desired peace in our PALM OASIS and the PALAIS VITAL can be disturbed when lots of children visit at the same time. However, the shining children’s eyes after a visit confirm that our design is correct, operating three different sub-areas.

  • Which areas are open to toddlers?

    The GALAXY SCHWARZWALD and PALM OASIS areas are free of charge for toddlers aged up to and including 3.
    We ask that toddlers wear swim nappies or swimming pants.

  • How does the payment system in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD work?

    After entry at the cash desk, everything in the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD is “cashless” (restaurant visit, access to other areas, extra time, etc.). All charges are booked onto a “transponder”. Each visitor is responsible for their own transponder. The transponder must be kept on the body during your entire visit. If it is lost, a charge of € 45 will be levied. If the transponder is found again, the amount is completely refunded.

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