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Variété under the palms

First-class artists and shows that you will remember for sure.

On 05. October 2019    

Relax under genuine Caribbean palm trees and experience the marvellous acts of our talented and breathtaking artists! With "Varieté under the palms", diversity will be on the programme. Just listen, watch and marvel.

Following highlights await you during our event-night "Variété under the Palms":

  • Fascinating "Headbalance" acrobatics by Rodolfo Reyes
  • Charming hula-hoop "Circles in Motion"
  • Culinary highlights

Fascinating “Headbalance” acrobatics

06.00 pm | 08.00 pm
PALM OASIS (“Blue Lagoon”)

With his unique show, the Master of Headbalance will enthral you at the heart of the PALM OASIS. When he was only 7, the Spaniard began to train for this unique worldwide show which make the world stand upside down. He is the defending world champion in one-arm jumping, and will amaze you with headstands and daring juggling acts.

Charming Hula-Hoop dance

06.00 pm | 08.00 pm
PALM OASIS (“Blue Lagoon”)

"Circles in Motion" – the breathtaking show between dance and hula-hoop acrobatics will delight you for sure. The worldwide famous act of the Englishwoman Terisa guarantees wow-effects in Caribbean atmosphere.