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Street Art

Streetart - the development of art in a urban environment. Genuine, creative and marvellous at the same time.

On 01. June 2019    

The street art 2.0 has finally reached a large audience and established itself as a new form of art. The PALM OASIS will turn into an art studio on the 1 June. Come and enjoy boundless creativity.

Following highlights await you:

  • Unique live-graffiti
  • Live-music with El Flecha Negra
  • Unique portrait drawing by Tuncay Erol
  • Themed steam treatments
  • Culinary highlights

Live-music and good mood with El Flecha Negra

17.00 pm | 19.00 pm | 21.00 pm | 22.00 pm
PALM OASIS ("Blue Lagoon)

With boundless positive energy and loads of good mood, the band El Flecha Negra, composed of street musicians, will perform in the PALM OASIS on the 1st September. The talented musicians from Chile, Peru, Spain and Germany combine traditional style like Cumbia and Reggae with Mestizo and Peruvian Chicha sounds. A wild and original mix, which goes straight to the audience's heart.
In accordance with our Black Forest Caribbean, the band also proposes its album "Tropikal Passport", a danceable and meaningful statement, which combines South-American roots with Caribbean lightness.

Unique live-graffiti

from 18.00 pm

A wall, ideas, colours and a ladder - it's all that the artist needs to give birth to a colourful graffiti in no time at all. Each picture is unique, and will be shaped with passion and style by the artist. Be part of it, when the PALM OASIS will turn into a huge art studio.

Unique portrait drawing by Tuncay Erol

17.00 pm - 21.00 pm

From the streets of Karlsruhe to the paradise: Tuncay Erol draws you in his very own style and he will let you shine in a brand new light. Become the main protagonist of his drawing talent, and obtain a very individual souvenir.