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Do-it-yourself! The great trend has also found its way to the Black Forest. As teh saying goes: if you want something done, do it yourself.

Sat, 06. April 2019    

On 6 April, the PALM OASIS with turn into an incomparable Do-it-yourself area full of details and charm. Here, each performance is different, 100% authentic, unique, in one word: selfmade.

Come and enjoy following highlights:
• Flo&Chris – small band, big show
• Tremendous live painting
• Delicious candy bar
• Themed wellness treatments

Fascinating live acoustic entertainment

06.00 pm / 07.30 pm/ 09.00 pm
PALM OASIS (Blue Lagoon)

Two bodies, four hands, four feet, and many instruments. All united for the same cause: astounding live music with creative arrangements. Flo&Chris propose live acoustic entertainment with body, soul and passion. The duo covers the best songs of the past 50 years (in their opinion) in a surprising and definitely funny way. An invitation to dance and sing along. Small band, big show!

Tremendous live-painting

from 6.00 pm
PALM OASIS (Blue Lagoon)

Come and marvel closely at the breathtaking development of a continuously changing pictorial world, which would normally come to life behind the closed doors of an art studio after several days of labour. The artist Marc Westermann paints on three empty canvases at the same time - without any break! Armed with his brush, palette, oil colours and knife, he draws a part here, goes to the next work, paints a bit, and changes again. In no time at all, he can modify, add, blur or paint over what has already achieved - until all his pictures have been completed.