Enjoyment and pleasant moments

Experience a modern sauna culture (admission aged 16 or older - nude -)
on the gallery (1st floor) in a paradise setting.
Four exclusively themed saunas are waiting to really get you in a sweat.
From the panoramic sauna to our birch and waterfall sauna to the fire sauna.
There is nothing left to be desired. Regular special infusions indulge your
senses and let you completely forget your everyday worries.

Would you like to enjoy the fresh and clear Black Forest air
to cool down after a pleasurable sauna?
You can also cool down at the ice fountain or under the crystal shower,
which conjures up reflections of light in the all-round mirrored room.
Our chill-out area has superb quality furniture and offers you the chance
 to relax and absorb the Caribbean atmosphere.
The Vital-Pool offers you a unique health boost through the minerals zinc and selenium. Enhance your mental and physical performance and personal well-being. 

Immerse yourself in the Wellness Oasis' world of well-being that effectively brings your mind, body and soul in harmony.

Parkscout Award Bestes Erlebnisbad 2016

Zertifikat für Exzellenz

Goldene Pinie Bestes Tropen- und Erlebnisbad

Top Erlebnisbad in Deutschland

familienfreundliches Erlebnisbad

Top Gruppenziel in Deutschland